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Poster: dudeman5685 Date: Jul 3, 2007 11:03am
Forum: texts Subject: On uploading antisemitica

I've found myself in a moral bind.

As some of you may have realized theres been alot of Third Reich, Nazi material uploaded lately, both in German and English, most of it uploaded by me.

I have no sympathy for the Nazis, or any racist/totalitarian system, as some of you who have read my reviews will see. The problem begins when I look at the English language translations and see what kind of gutter level anti-semitism this stuff really is.

It wouldn't bother me so much, but Jew-hatred has experienced a revival lately, especially in Arab, Muslim countries. I notice that much of the material uploaded onto is in Arabic, and that many Arabic, turkish etc. speakers assuredly can read English and possibly German.

I don't want to pour oil on a fire, even though it would only be a little oil on a very large fire. What am I to do?

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Poster: Telephone Toughguy Date: Jul 3, 2007 11:26am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: On uploading antisemitica

Well considering that most of the stuff uploaded anymore is not only hate speech but actual communication between enemey agents of the united states, I wouldn't worry about it. The difference in the nazi shit is it's historical. As soon as the japanese bombed pearl harbor, we shut down the german american bund and did not allow 40,000 uniformed nazi's to parade around madison square garden anymore. Showing the antisemitic stuff may help debunk the conspiracists and holocaust deniers who have moved on to the 9/11 was an iside job trend, so it might be a good thing. I met an old jew with a number tattooed on his arm and I also know you are not allowed to be buried in a jewish cemetary with a tattoo, so I know it was not voluntary. I think the europeans are doing a disservice by ignoring what happened and making it illegal to posess memorabilia, but then again they will all be speaking arabic someday. With the falling birthrates and other decadence the next wave of nazi's from europe with be jihadists so I don't think the the blond haired blued ones will ever be a threat again. Post it all, the world needs to know the truth or we will be doomed to repeat the horrors of the past, well I think that's inevitable anyway the way things are going in the world.

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